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All of our dogs work on the farm.  Their primary jobs are protecting our livestock (chickens and alpaca) and pushing deer and varmints away from the gardens.  They are also our "doorbell", informing us when any cars come onto our property.

Our first dog, Blue, was born in early November of 2006 at our neighbor's farm just south of us.  Her mother was a Australian-Shepard/mix and her father a Blue Heeler.  Blue is the alpha dog and teaches the others manners and responsibilities.  Our second dog, Luci, came to us in March 2010 at about five months old.  She is a wire-haired Jack Russell Terrier. 

Our third dog, Indigo, was born in February of 2014  and came to us at four weeks old (he was the runt of the litter and not getting enough nourishment - although you wouldn't know it today)!  Indigo has a blue heeler mother and a red heeler father. All of the dogs get along well and Indigo often wrestles or plays tug-of-war with the two older dogs.   







Blue in autumn '11

Sean & Blue - Jan '07






puppy Blue "guarding" the chickens

Luci - March '10



Luci at about 6 months



tug a war

Indigo - spring '14















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