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Inside the high tunnel (small)
- in February!

As  do most farms, we have a number of building about the place which serve specific purposes and one or two that are a general catch-all. 

In the fall of 2006 we added a high tunnel -
a passive solar heated greenhouse in which we grow salad greens and cold hardy vegetables over the winter for ourselves, our CSA members and the fall & winter farmers markets.   We assembled the 48' x 26' x 12' high tunnel from a kit we purchased from an Iowa manufacturer.  The original high tunnel was destroyed by a tornado May 31, 2008 - we replaced it later that fall.   We completed a second, larger, high tunnel in March of 2009 that measures 48' x 42' x 15'.

In 2010 Jill's father began construction on a new Packing Barn to replace the old packing shed.  Spurts and stops but finally moved into fall of 2011.  Steady improvements since - stairs to storage loft, real plumbing, stainless steel equipment and a flush toilet.  Coming soon - a walk in cooler!



Old grainery ...

High Tunnel (large)
ready to plant

High Tunnel (large) under construction

Large and small side-by-side

Completed high tunnel (small)



Packing Barn at Farm Crawl 2011






Packing Barn under construction

High Tunnel (large) w/ greens in April

High Tunnel (small) under construction

Sun porch as seedling nursery

Sun porch/nursery snug for winter



... renovated into a chicken coop ...



garden tool shed

demo high tunnel

Sun porch/nursery under construction



















... lost to fire Nov 2011.






















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